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The bar closes at 7 p.m. is equivalent to a general lockdown and is a «death by installments» for many companies, said Gastrosuisse President Casimir Platzer on Friday in front of the media.

The canton of Basel-Stadt is sticking to the general closure of the catering establishments, which goes beyond the federal measures. With the Sunday regulation and the ban on events, there are now new tightenings.

The landlords of 47 restaurants and catering companies in the cantons of Solothurn and Aargau have written an open letter to the Federal Council and the Solothurn Government Council. The latest decisions and suggestions would ruin the restaurants.

Because the corona situation has worsened in the past few days, the canton of Zurich is tightening the reins. New measures will apply to catering, sales and meetings from December 10th. These are valid until January 10, 2021.

In the canton of Basel-Stadt, restaurants will be closed until at least December 20th. On Tuesday, the government extended the measures introduced on November 30 to combat the Covid-19 pandemic by one week.

The canton of Baselland decided on Tuesday to take further measures to contain the Covid-19 pandemic: From Friday, there will be a curfew at 9 p.m. for restaurants and an upper limit of 15 people for events.

The Thurgau government council has tightened the corona measures due to the continued high Covid 19 cases and hospitalizations. The curfew has been brought forward and it is now mandatory to work from home. The new rules will apply until December 23rd

In the canton of Schaffhausen, violations of the protection of minors when selling alcohol should also be sanctioned in the future.